Synerheal Sponge – Sterile Collagen Sponge dressing


Synerheal sterile collagen Sponge dressing is a high therapeutic collagen dressing with the highest amount of collagen loaded, to promote rapid granulation of wounds and reduce the frequency of dressing change. Higher therapeutic loading of collagen along with anti-microbial chitosan act as a synergistic combination to accelerate the healing of chronic or non-healing infected wounds.




  • High therapeutic collagen to promote rapid granulation
  • Controls infection in the wound bed
  • Reduced dressing frequency
  • Maintains a moist wound healing environment
  • Completely bioabsorbable, it does not need to be removed from the wound bed
  • Easy to Apply and Enhanced Patient Comfort

Additional information


5x5cm, 10x10cm


Ideal for Chronic, Difficult-to-heal wounds, including

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Venous Ulcers
  • Traumatic Wounds
  • Dehisced Surgical Wounds
  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Partial Thickness Burns
  • Donor Sites
  • Post-Operative Wounds


  • Third Degree Burns
  • Individuals who have a known sensitivity to bovine derived materials

Precaution and Warning

This dressing is intended for single use only. All open left out content must be discarded.

WARNING: Potential risk of loss of sterility and infection if opened and re-used


Size 5 cm × 5 cm,

10 cm × 10 cm

Type of Dressing Primary Dressing
Dressing Change Frequency Up to 7 Days
Dressing Type Primary Dressing
Sterility Sterile, Single Use Only

How to Apply

SynerHEAL Sponge is easy to use and has only 3 STEPS

  • Debride the wound bed if necessary, wash the wound bed with normal saline water thoroughly.
  • Apply the SynerHEAL Sponge dressing on the wound and ensure 100 % contact with the wound bed.
  • Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing or absorbent gauze dressing.

Price Chart

Pack Size Units/Box Price/Unit
5 × 5 cm 10 Rs.525
10 × 10 cm 5 Rs. 1590


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