Scar Fix Gel



Scar Fix Gel is formulated form of pure polysiloxane material which has excellent bio compatibility with excellent handling properties. It delivers enhanced performance, preserves the skin elasticity and is colourless and odourless. When used as directed, Scar Fix Gel has been shown to flatten and smooth scars, relieves the itching pain and discomfort. It allows skin to breathe.

Product composition

  • Polysiloxane

How to use

  • Ensure the affected area is clean and dry prior to application. Apply a thin layer of Scar Fix Gel to the scar, gently massage it allow it to dry to form a thin silicone film coating.
  • Apply Scar Fix Gel twice daily or more as recommended by the treating doctor. For optimum result, Scar Fix Gel should have 24 hours contact with the skin. Once dry, it can be left open or covered with cosmetics are required.
  • For reapplication, wash the scar site with the mild soap solution follow the procedure of application. The duration of the treatment depends upon the condition of the scar tissue and as recommended by the treating doctor

Expert advice

  • Do not apply on open wounds, unhealed tissue and infected areas. Avoid application close to the eyes. Should not be used on persons with dermatological conditions or disorders. It should be applied as soon as the skin shows signs of complete epithelialization and/or after surgical suture have been removed, if applicable. Care should be taken to ensure the cleanliness on the scar site prior to application of silicone gel to prevent from any rashes due to poor hygiene practice.
  • Symptoms of rashes shall be overcome by discontinuing Scar Fix Gel application, clean the affected area with soapy water and consult your doctor for resuming the application.

How it works

Scar Fix Gel contains self drying silicone in gel form supplied in aprotective package

Uses / Indications

Red and raised old and new scars. Hypertrophic scars. Keloids. Treatment of erythema following resurfacing treatments with CO2 laser chemical peels and derma abrasions. Ideal for application on face hands and other exposed area as it leaves thin and smooth coating. As a prevention tool for excessive and abnormal after surgical procedures.


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