What secondary dressing and cleaning solution to be used for dressing?

1st step- check wound for infections and dead tissue

2nd step- if infection then treat infection and surgically debride eschar or dead tissue till you see the pink skin.

3rd step- once the above step is done clean it with saline or NS so there is enough moisture for Seeskin collagen dressing to adhere or stick on to.

4th step- cover the collagen dressing and wound with normal cotton gauze or gauze dressing so there is enough room for oxygen permisaablitity i.e. it helps the wound to receive oxygen through the gauze. It helps is healing. Oxygen permissibility is very important for any form of wound healing.

5th step- if it’s a very deep wound with exudates and heavy discharge change dressing every alternate day. If wound does not have heavy exudates change every three days. If its healing wound change every five days.

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