Burn Management


Burns are some of the most common injuries suffered by people all over the world, both in domestic and work environments. They can range from superficial burns that can be easily managed with home remedies to the most severe ones that affect bones and muscles.

How to Treat Burns?

Treatment for burns depends largely on the severity of the injuries. But the primary objective of any treatment regimen is to relieve pain, protect against infection, and heal the damaged skin quickly. Collagen sheets are found to be more than adequate in performing these functions. They provide a mechanical separation of the wound from the environment and hence from infection. Burns heal faster using collagen sheets than any other type of dressing.

SynerHeal Solutions for Burns


Collagen Wet Sheets For Burns

COLLDREZ is a sterile biological skin dressing that is made up of collagen preserved in a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and water. It adheres to the wound surface easily and acts as a catalyst for rapid healing while preventing hypertrophic scars.


Advanced Dressing for Burns

SEE SKIN ULTRATHIN is a micro-porous sheet dressing that forms a protective layer over the wound surface and maintains a moist microenvironment that is favorable to the formation of granulation tissue and blood vessels and re-epithelialization.